Effective stink bug control keeps your spring and summer coming up roses.

stinkbugWe don’t have to tell you that stink bugs stink. It’s in their name for a reason. These sucking insects came to the US in the late ‘90s and have been increasing in population at alarming rates over the past several years. While populations are largest in many of the eastern states, they can now be found in almost every state in the country.

Stink bugs drive crop growers crazy because they feed on fruits and vegetables, but they are real pests to homeowners as well. Approximately half an inch in size, these critters enter homes in the fall through door frames, under siding or through any hole they can find to find a comfortable place to wait out the winter months. They hibernate indoors until the spring, when they become active (and bothersome) again.

The best treatment against a stink bug problem is to prevent them from entering your home. Homeowners should fix any broken window screens, caulk any gaps in door or window frames, and look for any other holes or areas where the pests may be able to enter. Mosquito Joe technicians can then apply a treatment around targeted entry points to provide a barrier to their attempts to get inside.

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